Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The week before Thanksgiving, Sam had a conference in Las Vegas for work. The plan was for all of us to drive down, hang out in Vegas for a day, then Nikki and the kids would drive to Mesa before I joined them later in the week. Too bad that plan didn't go quite work out.

As we were driving down through Nephi and that general area, I noticed the engine temperature start to rise. I also couldn't get warm air through our vents so I knew something was up. We pulled over and let the car sit. I checked a few things out, put a little coolant in that I had on hand, but still no dice. Rather than risk it we called a tow company in Fillmore who came and got us. Upon arriving at the mechanic they came in and said they thought we had a cracked engine block and would need a new engine. Basically, we were stuck now and not much they could do until the following week. We made some calls to family and insurance, etc. We stayed the night at a hotel there in Fillmore. Steve flew to Salt Lake Sunday morning and drove down to rescue us. Then we drove to Vegas, dropped me off, and they headed for Mesa.

We opened a claim with the warranty company for our car and got the mechanic working on it finally. They thought the problem was a bad water pump instead of a cracked block, which is a good thing, or at least a better thing. More to come on the car.

I had a good time in Vegas at my conference, learned some new stuff and networked with a few people. Nikki and the kids enjoyed their time in Mesa with family and friends. I joined them on Thursday and we had a really good time with the family.

At the hotel in Fillmore

Saved and back on the road
(Nikki taking over writing now). After we got to Arizona, it was just a lot of hanging out with family and friends. It was SUCH a nice trip, even if Evie was grumpy and crying 80% of the time. 

Sam flew from Vegas to Phoenix on Thursday, a week before Thanksgiving, so he got a nice long trip, too!

We ran into some firemen at the grocery store and they let Jay climb in their truck for a bit.

We went to Peter Piper Pizza one night to see some of Sam's family that lives down in Arizona. Evie loved the teacup ride.

Of course we did a little Black Friday shopping.

And more hanging out, eating, and playing.

Sums up Evie's trip

Sam headed back to Utah because he needed to get back to work (though he ended up working from home for the whole week because our car was still in the shop in Fillmore). I stayed for another week because my little brother was coming home from his mission!

It was so fun to see him, and I'm so glad he's home!

We spent a good portion of the next day shopping for new clothes for Jared. The kids loved the play area at the mall.

And we saw Santa, though no one was overly thrilled.

It was an awesome trip and we were all sad to leave. Hopefully we can go back soon! Thank you, mom and dad, for everything! For saving us from Fillmore, housing us and feeding us for so long, and taking care of us! We love you!


Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

I miss you guys SO much. We had so much fun with you!!

And Evie wasn't THAT bad. I loved having her over!