Monday, June 24, 2013


I've been avoiding this post like the plague because I have over 800 pictures to sort through. Yeah. It's a daunting task. And we did SO much that I don't think I can really remember and write everything down very well! I should have written it down while we were there. But how can I really not post about my incredible mom taking her two daughters on such a memorable trip??

Paris was AMAZING. There were a number of times when I stopped and had to think to breathe because the sights were literally breathtaking. I've been asked multiple times what my favorite part was, and I can't come up with any one thing that stood out above the rest, because I loved it ALL (even the millions of steep windy staircases that, even though they were a nightmare to climb up and down, will forever hold a special place in my heart because it meant that I was THERE).

Lucky for me, my sister made some awesome blog posts about it. So I'm linking to them here. There is a separate post for each of the 5 days, but I promise it's worth the read.  I'll post a handful of pictures here, too, but these links will show you so much more. I get emotional just thinking about the trip. I can never thank my mom enough for taking me and my sister on such an amazing adventure.


Champs Elysees


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

From the top of Notre Dame

Winged Victory. One of those breath-taking moments.

Inside the Louvre pyramid

The Louvre

And here are a few videos. No sound needed (no talking in them. Just the video.)


mominaz said...

It was so fun for me to share this experience with you girls!